Scholarly vs. Non-scholarly Publications

By: Anthony Bishop

Anthony Bishop Capstone Project

The goals for the session are: (1) to inform the patron about the importance of scholarly publications and the purpose for its use. (2) To illustrate the difference between scholarly and non-scholarly publications. (3) To teach the learners when to refer a patron to a scholarly publication and when not to. These goals are important to the learner because it will teach them how to better inform the patron about the use of scholarly sources and how to identify when it is necessary to do so.

Consensus on the goals will be obtained by creating a questionnaire for the learners to gauge their knowledge of scholarly publications. The in-session activity will be used to measure if the goals have been met during the session. There will also be a post-session quiz given to determine if the outcomes were met. It is also a goal for this instructional session to create an online learning community for learners to participate and share ideas and thoughts on the instructional as well as other topics of interests. To create this community several social media platforms will be utilized such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to facilitate a safe online space for learners to gather and exchange ideas.

Materials for Planning and Design





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