LOEX 2016

This is a guest post from Amy Bessin, a member of Cohort 1 of the Design for Learning program, reporting back from the conference she attended as one of our scholarship recipients.

Just when I’m starting to run out of steam at the end of the semester, the LOEX (Library Orientation Exchange) conference is a great way to re-energize! With the generosity of a D4L scholarship, I was able to attend the LOEX conference this year in Pittsburgh on May 5-7. If you are unfamiliar with LOEX, their conference is a national event held each year in May that focuses on library instruction and information literacy. You can check out the 2016 conference website at http://www.loexconference.org/. Next year the conference will be coming to my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky!

This was my second time attending a LOEX conference, and I will happily plan to go again whenever possible in the future. I attended breakout sessions on engaging diverse learners, revamping one-shot sessions, collaborating with different campus groups, creating high quality screencasts, and crafting online workshops, just to name a few. One of my biggest takeaways from the conference is the importance of flexibility in instruction, whether that means being willing to trash an obsolete tutorial or change your workshop design. The bottom line is that we want our students to learn, and we can’t cling to the familiar at the expense of being effective.

There are few conferences out there that are more relevant to my work with D4L than LOEX. My reason for being excited about each is the same: I want to become a better instructor in whatever environment makes sense for my students. My project in D4L is a virtual unit for a class discussing the idea of scholarship as a conversation. Several of the conference sessions addressed issues related to my project including (but not limited to):

·        Universal design

Session title: Engaging Diverse Learners: Creating Accessible IL Instruction with Universal Design for Instruction

·        Flipped classroom model

Session title: Recycling the First-Year One-Shot Workshop: Using Interactive Technology to Flip the Classroom

·        Screencasting

Session title: Built to Trash, Built to Last: Creating High-Impact Screencasts When Time is Scarce and Change is Constant

One of the wonderful things about LOEX is that they offer a limited number of the conference sessions as virtual sessions after the conference is completed. So if you any of the topics I’ve mentioned are of interest to you, check the conference website to see if they will be available for virtual sessions. If you have any questions about the conference I’d be happy to chat with you. I hope to see many of you at LOEX 2017!

About Arden Kirkland

Arden Kirkland is an independent digital librarian, providing consulting services for digital collections and online learning. Her years of work in higher education have included a focus on students’ active participation in the construction of multimedia digital collections. Other recent projects include ArtOneida.org, HistoricDress.org, and work on the Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management. Find out more about her work at ardenkirkland.com.
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