How to Sign up For the Design for Learning Program

blue square with logos for Design4Learning and WebJunction: Design4Learning + WebJunction = Free online program for library workers to learn how to teach online! provides a series of free online modules for library workers to learn how to design instruction and teach online. The program’s modules lead toward a final Capstone project.

Here’s how to sign up!

(or here’s a printable PDF with these instructions)

1. Create an account for Webjunction at

Follow the steps you’ll see on the right to sign up for an account. (If you’ve taken WebJunction classes before, you can just log in on the left).

2. After you confirm your registration, login again at

3. On the top navigation, click on “CATALOG HOME” (on smaller devices you will need to click on the menu icon to see this)

4. Scroll down under Course Categories and click on “D4L: Online Teaching Skills for Library Workers”

5. On the new page that appears, scroll down and click on the name of the module you want to sign up for (probably Orientation to start)

6. On the new page that opens, scroll down to click on the blue button that says “Enroll Me”image of blue button that says Enroll Me

7. Whenever you start a new module, first click where it says Getting Started (with a green book icon) for more instructions about that module.
image of Getting Started with book icon

8. Learn and have fun!

About Arden Kirkland

Arden Kirkland is an independent digital librarian, providing consulting services for digital collections and online learning. Her years of work in higher education have included a focus on students’ active participation in the construction of multimedia digital collections. Other recent projects include,, and work on the Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management. Find out more about her work at
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