Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join this program?
Review the D4L program description at https://www.design4learning.info/about/ and then complete and submit the

Cohort2 Application form:


What topics will be covered in this program?
To see a brief overview of what will be covered in each module, visit https://www.design4learning.info/about/courses/
Are there any costs associated with the program?
There is no monetary cost, but we really want to make sure people are ready to commit their time and energy to completing the program.
Is there any required travel?
No, there is no required travel. There is some optional travel to various conferences where we will be presenting, e.g. NYLA in Oct. 2015. Initially, the grant was written expecting that we’d require an in-person component but that has been changed.
How much time will I need to devote to the program?
Each module will require between 5 and 10 hours of reading, listening, and learning activities per scheduled week. The intention is for there to be more learning activity than either reading or listening activities, but each module will vary depending on the lead teacher.
How long is each module?
Each module will be 4 weeks long.
Will classes be scheduled at specific times?
Classes will not be scheduled for a particular time of day. The work needs to be done during the week and month it is scheduled, but asynchronously. Some online real-time meetings may be scheduled, but will be optional. We included the first three and the last two module dates in the application form to give everyone a sense of the overall commitment. You can view the full schedule at https://www.design4learning.info/courses/.
Can I see a sample syllabus?
We will make syllabi available to prospective applicants as soon as possible. Please follow one of our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus) to hear when syllabi are available.
Can I see a sample module?
The modules will not be complete before the application deadline for the first cohort, so unfortunately we won’t be able to make a sample available in time. However, we may consider doing this before the second cohort’s application deadline.
Can paraprofessionals apply? Or what if I don't work full time in a library?
Definitely – paraprofessionals or even non-library folks who do or want to do training online for library folks are encouraged to apply.
What technology will be used for this program?
The entire program will be taught through the Moodle CMS, although participants will have to work with technologies that are not embedded in Moodle for their learning activities. We will also – most likely – be using Adobe Connect or GoToMeeting for optional, but scheduled, online real-time meetings. It will not be necessary to purchase any software to participate in the program.
Can more than one person from a single organization apply?
We will review multiple people from the same organization, but we are trying to get people from all different library types and geographic areas of the U.S. We are still forming our policy in this area, but it is unlikely that we’ll accept more than one person from a single organization in the same cohort. However, the content of our program will be openly available at a later date and we are considering submitting a grant to continue the program if it is successful.
Is this program available across the U.S., or only for New York?
The program is open to all U.S. library professionals and paraprofessionals. We will be giving some preference to New York applicants because of the grant sponsorship, but the program is national.
I don't live/work in the U.S. Can I still apply?
Unfortunately, the program is U.S. only at this point. However, the archived version of the program will be openly available in the future. Someday, we hope to be able to make a full version available internationally. Please follow one of our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus) to hear when the course materials will be made available to the public. This will occur after the first two cohorts complete the modules.

If you still have questions about Design for Learning, please contact our project coordinator.

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