Capstone Project Showcase

SharePoint Learning Modules

By: Judine Slaughter — Audience: Office of Rulemaking (ARM) Employees — Description: The Navigating SharePoint 2013 (SP13) training will provide a refresher program designed to show the learner different aspects of SP13, from making lists or document libraries, to creating views and sorting data.  This training is a five-part online … Continue reading

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Teaching the Teacher: Strategies for Incorporating Information Literacy Competencies into Daily Lesson Plans

By: Bethany McGowan, MLIS, MS — As the trend towards fewer certified school librarians becomes increasingly prominent across school districts in the US, classroom teachers are tasked with ensuring their graduates are competent in information-related skills. K-12 teachers who have never learned to teach information literacy concepts could benefit from … Continue reading

Conducting Basic Research with PubMed

By: Jan Keiser — The learners are investigators of medical malpractice charges. Their research needs are wide and ongoing throughout the length of a case. From beginning to end a case can take up to a few years. This lesson is designed to teach these learners how to conduct basic … Continue reading

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

By: Kathy Smith — PowerPoint Tips & Tricks is a six-week class developed by Kathy Smith. Students will learn how to design slides that will make their message memorable. All participants will have designed a PowerPoint presentation, they are not beginners. Each asynchronous module will include a video corresponding to … Continue reading

Library Card Toolkit

By: Ashley Middleton — A library card is your access point to the rest of the world. The Library Card Toolkit (potential alternative: Learn Your Library) is a fun library skills course for the New Lenox Public Library. Its goal is to develop a friendly space patrons can access anywhere, … Continue reading

Career Research: Hoovers for Job-Hunting

By: Eileen Rourke — Learners: Business executives who are job-hunting. Main Learning objectives: Use Hoovers (D&B) Database to search for individual company information and build target lists based on criteria such as geography, industry, size and type of company. Online Delivery Mechanism: synchronous interactive learning experience using Adobe Connect. Agenda … Continue reading

Scholarly vs. Non-scholarly Publications

By: Anthony Bishop — The goals for the session are: (1) to inform the patron about the importance of scholarly publications and the purpose for its use. (2) To illustrate the difference between scholarly and non-scholarly publications. (3) To teach the learners when to refer a patron to a scholarly publication … Continue reading

Basic Records Management Staff Training

 By: Helen Linda — My state government agency’s Records and Information Management unit is charged with the development of a records management training program designed to bring the Us into compliance with state statutory recordkeeping requirements and internal strategic plans. My capstone project for Design for Learning tackles the online … Continue reading

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