ACRL 2017

This is a guest post from scholarship recipient Jennifer Shimada, a member of the Design for Learning community who attended ACRL 2017.

Thanks to Design for Learning, I was able to attend my first Association of College and Research Libraries conference!  I liked the size of this conference: MUCH more manageable than ALA, but more people than the tiny discipline-specific conferences I’ve also been to.

My favorite part of most conferences is the networking, since there’s something about meeting people in person that you just can’t get from interacting with people online. Since I’m a solo librarian, I don’t often get to “talk shop” to other librarians in person.  I particularly liked getting to see people I know from D4L at ACRL!

I also went to a whole lot of sessions.  If you want to see a lengthy overview of my conference through my tweets and re-tweets, check out my Storify.

Thinking about online learning specifically, I think the most helpful session I went to was one on Copyright in MOOCs.  A couple of main points:

  • Cutting down on unnecessary videos/images/readings in MOOCs not only helps prevent copyright infringement, but it also leads to more engaging instruction
  • “Bookend” third party materials with an explanation of your instructional purpose (“I’m going to show you this movie clip because… [Show movie clip] As you saw in that clip…”). This is good teaching and also helps make a case for fair use.

ACRL 2017 was wonderful, and I definitely hope to go again in 2019. Thanks to D4L for the scholarship that allowed me to go!

By: Jennifer Shimada

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