Scholarships for Conference Attendance

Scholarships for Conference Attendance


For the third time, the Design for Learning Program is excited to offer a number of scholarships under the auspices of the IMLS grant, for participants of Cohorts 1 & 2 to attend conferences related to their library work and their work in the D4L program.

For this round of scholarships, we have a total of $2800 remaining and would prefer to distribute this in a larger number of small scholarships rather than a few larger ones. However, we will consider proposals for any amount from $100-$1000.

We are particularly interested in helping applicants to join us in our presentations: on Saturday, 6/24 from 12:30-2 at ALA in Chicago (June 22-27) and NYLA in Saratoga Springs (November 8-11 – exact date and time of our presentation TBA). We encourage those of you who live near those locations to apply. For those in other areas of the country, we encourage you to apply to attend events closer to your home. You may apply to attend a conference of your choosing in any region of the US, through November 2017. The funding can be used to cover conference registration, travel, hotel expenses, and meals.

You do not have to have completed the D4L program to apply; however, we will give preference to those who are continuing to participate in our community of practice, taking part in the D4L Community Discussion forum or going through our newly revised modules in our new home at Preference will also be given to those who have not previously received a scholarship.

We will also continue to give preference to those who submit proposals to present at a conference, although acceptance of a proposal at the time of submission is not mandatory for a scholarship to be awarded.

Your application should include the following components:

  • name of the conference you would like to attend
  • how you will make the most of this experience, e.g., how you will participate at this event
  • impact on your library community
  • what specific aspects of the conference will be valuable to your library work (you may wish to include an outline of sessions you will attend at the conference)
  • how the conference will relate to your work in the D4L program
  • intent to present (optional)
  • your total budget for attendance, including registration, travel, housing, and meals (your total budget can exceed the amount requested within the limit of the scholarship)
  • your financial need, and whether you would be able to accept a scholarship for less than the amount requested

To apply, please complete the application form at

Members of our leadership team will evaluate the applications based on the potential impact of this conference attendance on the applicant’s work with their library community (with preference given to applicants who submit proposals to present at the conference), the applicant’s clear plan for active participation in the conference, participation in the D4L program, and financial need.

The deadline for applications has been extended to Friday, June 9, 2017 at 9am Eastern time. Scholarship recipients will be notified by Saturday, June 10, 2017.

Scholarship recipients will be expected to write a short report about their conference attendance, within 4 weeks of their conference, sharing what they learned both with other D4L members and with the public. A variety of formats would be acceptable for this post, including a Storify combining live tweets from the conference, a brief video, etc. More details on submission will follow later.

Recipients also must submit receipts for all expenses within 2 weeks of their conference, and proof of their attendance.
If you have any questions about the scholarship application, please contact with “Scholarship” in the subject line.

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